10 Best Mamaks

10 Best Mamaks in KL & Klang Valley

1. Murni, SS2

- Murni has several other branches around Klang Valley and in KL and is arguably the locals’ favorite mamak. Murni even has varied concepts throughout its many branches to suit different demographics of the population.
- This Mamak serves a variety of food ranging from typical mamak food to a remarkable selection of Malaysian favorites & exciting fusion dishes originating from the best of various cultures; as well as Western and Italian food.
- Signature Food:: Nasi Lemak, Roti Hawaii, Murtabak, Claypot Lou Shu Fen

2. Steven’s Corner
- the first to start the concept of a 24 hour Mamak in the region, back in 1985
- This mamak is often crowded after working hours
- Signature Food:: Nasi Lemak, Burung Puyuh, Paper Thosai, Cheese Naan and Chicken Chop.

3. Valentine Roti
- can’t miss the ‘BEST ROTI CANAI’ tagline of Valentine Roti proudly displayed on their signboard.
- Signature Food:: roti, capati and tosai

4. Sri Nirvana Maju
- The locals love to come here because of the cleanliness of the place and the quality of the food
- Signature Food:: Banana Leaf Rice, Fried Bitter Gourd

5. Kayu Nasi Kandar
- This mamak joint started out as a stall in a coffee shop in Chao Yang SS2 back in 1974
- Their food is slightly pricey, but it’s worth every penny spent.
- Signature Food:: Nasi Kandar, Roti Tisu

6. Devi’s Corner
- Situated right opposite Bangsar Villiage Shopping Mall
- Rich in fragrance and cheesy goodness, this is definitely a mouthwatering treat that wins both in taste and aesthetic appeal.
- Signature Food:: Cheese Naan, Garlic Cheese Naan, Satay, Banana Leaf Rice, Crab Curry, Chicken Varuval

7. Nasi Kandar Pelita
- has a rich history behind the popularity they experience today.
- They started out at a small coffee shop at Taman Chai Leng, Perai, Penang back in year 1995
- grew into a multi-million Ringgit Malaysian international operation with over 20 branches in KL, PJ, Perak, Penang and even in India.
- Signature Food:: Kuah Campur, Kari Kepala Ikan /Fish Head Curry, Maggie Mee Goreng

8. Al- Barkath
- This Mamak is open all day and is typically lively at night.
- This is also a popular spot amongst nocturnal youngsters who like to lepak and shisha with their friends over hot gossip and football matches.
- It’s very likely that you will bump into a friend or two here if you study or work around Bukit Jalil.
- Signature Food:: Sup Kambing, tandoori chicken

9. Restaurant I.V
- The slogan of Restaurant I.V reads ‘Only The Best’, and indeed this Mamak serves nothing but the best
- this Malaysian breakfast is a great start to a wonderful morning
- Signature Food:: Garing Roti Canai

10. Bumbung Nasi Lemak
- Just a short drive away from the bustling city - Bumbung Nasi Lemak in PJ
- The crowd starts coming it at about 6:45pm, so be sure to get there before that or else you’ll have to wait very long for your food.
- Signature Food:: Bumbung Nasi Lemak

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